30 Days of RevMama!

Posted by Jackie Kellestine on October 20 2017

The RevMama online community has been live for almost 30 days and has grown to 244 members smile 

My vision is for this page to encourage motivation, sharing and communication of health & fitness to it's memebrs!

Here are some things you can expect FREE each week:

1 recipe from Cindy

1 self-care post

1 fitness tip/motivation

1 at-home workout video (monthly)

1 nutrition tip/motivation

1 bi-weekly video with Cindy or Maggie

and LOTS MORE!  I just took a poll on reasons you have for not exercising regularly and I hope to help many of you through these in the next 30 days!

Remember, you have unlimited FREE communication with the RevMama ambassadors which are a group of certified peresonal trainers and a registered dietican.  Ask away!!

Our 1st 5-week in-store fitness programs start next week.

We have 10 amazing women signed up for the 8PM Beyond Fitness for Women, several who have already shared your stories with me incluidng: no time, no energy, weight gain, unhappy, etc. I'm proud of you for making this step and controling your health & lifestyle! RevMama will not let you down.  There are 5 spots left in that program and I encourage you to try. It's only 5 weeks and $69. What's the worst that could happen? (You don't attend and you are out $69) What's the best that could happen? (You jump in with both feet and the $69 is the beginning of your weight loss and happiness journey!)

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