Waitlists: What….Will….When….Why….How?????

Posted by Lisa Baldwin on January 12 2018

What are the waitlists?

We have waitlists set up on our classes due to the turnover of clients early cancelling their reservations. Our policy is 2 hours before class time.  Due to this turnover, there are continuously spaces opening up in each class. When you are on a waitlist, you will be getting into the class 95% of the time! Use the waitlists for all the classes you want to attend – that is why they are there.  

Will I get in?

95% - YES!   We encourage ALL clients to make use of the waitlists because 95% of the time you will get into class. We keep a close eye on waitlists and this allows us to see which times are busiest and where we may need to add additional classes.

How do they work?

When a class is full you are able to place yourself on a waitlist for that class. When a participant in the class cancels their spot,the first person on the waitlist is placed in class. When this happens, your spot in class is now reserved ( even if it says “unconfirmed” online) and unless you cancel yourself out of class, you are taking a space in class. This system is great because you do not have to keep checking back to see if the class is still full when trying to get in.

When should I remove myself from the waitlist?

When you are on a waitlist, it is your responsibility to pay attention to the reservation as you may be added to class up to 2 hours prior to class. If you are on the waitlist, and no longer wish to come to class, please remove yourself from the waitlist so the next person in line will be added to the class. Please don’t assume that you won’t get in and just leave yourself on the waitlist as your chances of getting in are 95%.

How will I know I got in?

As soon as you are put into class you will receive an email notifying you that you have been added to class. ***Note***When you are making a profile you must click receive email notifications or you will not receive these emails.  Also, your online reservation will change to “reserved – unconfirmed”

Why do the waitlist look so big?

Our regular clients expect to get into class when they are on the waitlist, but to new clients it may look hopeless. You may wonder  -how is it possible that all the classes are full but everyone is getting in?

Life comes up and people have to early cancel their reservations and this is constantly creating turnover in our waitlists. Also, though it looks like 40 clients are trying to get into a 20 person class - it is in fact usually only 5-8 people trying to wait for a class for the following reason.

Some clients are registered in one class and on the waitlist for their more preferred class OR it could be 1 person who is on the waitlist for 3 separate classes that day. 

How do I respect the waitlists?

- Please do not register for classes you do not fully intend on attending.
- Please do not register for 3 classes in one day because you are not sure which one you will come to. Try to pick a time to commit to so others can book these extra spots.
- 2 hours notice so others can plan their day.  However, we do understand that last minute cancellations will happen.
- Please pay attention to your email and your online reservation when you are on a waitlist. Most empty bikes are from those who got into class but did not know because they assumed they weren’t getting in and stopped checking for notification. This is unfair to those that are left on the waitlist and could have made it to class. Also, you are missing out on your own workout.
- If you are on more than one waitlist or in one class but trying to get into another be sure to cancel all extra reservations on the waitlist or in classes when you make it into your desired class.

Get the APP!

The mindbody app for all smart phones is the most efficient way to manage your reservations. Download the app today.

The waitlists are meant to be efficient and helpful to both us and our clients and we hope this helped to answer all of your questions. If anything is unclear please email us at info@revfit.ca

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