Jen Mosher, Prenatal, Oct. 2017

I was really impressed with the prenatal class tonight! Lots of weights, stretching and of course some pregnancy gossip!

Easy to follow along and Maggie kept the group motivated!
Looking forward to next week!

Jen Mosher, Beyond, Aug 2017

I lost 50 pounds at Revolution after having my first child. I can’t imagine not being in class; and now that I’m pregnant with baby #2 the trainers here are just as invested as I am in maintaining my healthy and physically active lifestyle.

I’m not worried about the battle back this time because I know that the trainers here will be cheering me on!
I’m not a number here. I’m a member and I know that when I walk through the door for class that I’m in great hands.

Anonymous, Postnatal, Feb 2017

The instructors are amazing! They offer tons of modifications for all abilities and is extremely warm and motivating. It’s a very welcoming and safe environment.

Michelle M., Beyond, June 2017

I’m now a 6am’er - which allows me to have some time for me before the craziness of work/kids starts for the day. I’m amazed at the results, my fitness has improved, my stress level has decreased, I have more energy throughout the day and I have more patience. I can’t thank revfit enough!

Lindsay Glass, Prenatal, July 2017

Exercising with a baby on board has helped with all aches/pains and stiffness, keeps my energy up and makes me feel strong - let’s face it, gearing up for a natural birth is like prepping for a marathon, so I want to be ready! Exercising while pregnant has helped me feel confident that I will return to a pre-pregnancy shape sooner rather then later. The support and guidance from the instructors and other members as been amazing.

Sarah Duggan, Postnatal, Jan 2014

I have felt so great leaving my classes, and am really impressed by the workout I’m getting, and the results I’m already seeing! Jackie is great at incorporating the babies (even holding them when they get fussy) and really pushes and motivates us! It’s obvious how hard they work to keep their clients happy.

Heather Nause, Postnatal, July 2015

Your motivation and extremely well crafted fitness routines have shaped me into what I am post baby. I feel amazing as a result. I truly appreciate everything you do for us girls. You are brilliant at your job!

Sarah MacDonald, Postnatal, June 2016

Not only did you help me get back into shape post baby - I feel stronger than I ever have and my running times have actually improved. Thank you!

Ellissa, Postnatal, Jan 2017

RevFit has a real talent for making everyone feel comfortable yet challenged and inspired at the same time, and your class has played a big part in getting into great shape these past few months. I have been telling every mommy-to-be about the stroller fit class and will continue to do so!

Kate Starr, Postnatal, Nov 2015

Amazing class, it’s a highlight of our week! My son has grown from the smallest in the group to one of the biggest and I am in better shape than pre-pregnancy.

Lauren Currie, Prenatal, June 2017

I really felt the benefits of maintaining my health and fitness throughout my pregnancy. Continuing to push myself and my stamina were good preparation, both physical and mental, for labour and birth. I am grateful that I was able to have a completely natural birth and I’m sure the many, many classes I took at RevFit helped prepare my body for that day.