New Cancellation Policy

Posted by Jackie Kellestine on January 18 2018

Starting Jan 24, the new cancellation period for classes is 2 hours. This means you can cancel your reservation up to 2 hours before class time. This is a VERY lenient policy as most gyms in HRM...

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Waitlists: What….Will….When….Why….How?????

Posted by Lisa Baldwin on January 12 2018

What are the waitlists?

We have waitlists set up on our classes due to the turnover of clients early cancelling their reservations. Our policy is 2 hours before class time.  Due to...

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New - Weight Lifting for Women on Monday!

Posted by Jackie Kellestine on January 06 2018

Check it it out!

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Rev Up Your Nutrition!

Posted by Jackie Kellestine on December 18 2017

Are YOU ready to:

Learn what and when to eat to reach higher fitness goals? Lose the last 10 lbs? Have better sleep and more energy? Remove the confusion of all the current diet trends and...

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2018 New Year Workshops

Posted by Jackie Kellestine on December 15 2017

JOIN ANY of our 2018 workshops before Dec 31 and receive $5 OFF (Members & Non-Members) 

Join with a FRIEND and you both receive $5 OFF & you each receive a $10 Account Credit...

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