Enrollments and Workshops

The following programs are COMMITTED enrollments/workshops. Members can enroll for free, or for a reduced price. These programs also have a price for non-members. Contact us for current term start dates or HERE under Enrollments.


​Beginner Cycling Program

Join us Sundays starting Jan 22nd for 4 weeks this is a VERY safe opportunity to enjoy the benefits of indoor cycling with other true beginners to cycling & exercise!
The classes will be 45 mins long and that will include basic principles of indoor cycling: setting up your bike, pedal strokes, form, breathing, RPM, warming up properly and then the good stuff – climbing, racing, sweating and sprinting.
After the 4 weeks you will have the confidence and comfort to attend any of the classes at RevFit!
Starts June 4th at 11AM - 45 min class – ONLY $49 (Members FREE)

Triathlete and Long Distance Ride Program

Are you a triathlete or long distance cyclist looking to increase your endurance, strength and speed? 

The testimonials from this group of riders are evidence that our indoor cycling program on the state of the art group cycling bike, the LifeCycle GX, can improve your cycling performance. The 10 week terms run Sundays at 8AM. The 60 minute ride will be followed by 30 minutes of core strengthening and athletic flexibility.

Price: $159 & FREE for Members

Body Design

Sculpt your body with resistance training, core, and cardio exercise!

Tuesday- Resistance training with a splash of balance and coordination exercises for posture, function, and strength in the Personal Training Studio.

Thursday- Cardio, concentrated core and circuit training for tone and endurance including cycling along with ball & Bosu in the Personal Training Studio.

Tues & Thurs at 12:00 to 12:50 with Nikki Peck.

Maximum 8 Participants

$185 for 6 weeks/12 classes ($79 for Members)

Mom and Baby Boot Camp and Stroller Fitness

Break through to a new, fitter, toned YOU by doing some electrifying, results-driven, bootcamp training programs. Your trainer, a certified post-natal fitness provider, will lead you through a workout designed to help you re-energize, tone muscle and lose baby inches while considering the needs of a new mother. In weeks you’ll have more energy, more flexibility, and feel leaner, stronger and more confident and you get to have FUN and be with your baby while doing it! 

Tues & Thurs 10:15AM

Fee: $119 (FREE for Members)

Exercise Meno-POSITIVE

You can MANAGE symptoms & improve QUALITY of life through the transition. Moderate intensity exercise will HELP you:

- Maintain healthy weight
- Improve mood & stress management

​- Increase muscle tone, strength & balance.
- Decrease risk of cardiovascular disease & osteoporosis

The 55 minute classes are run by pro TRAINER Nikki Peck on Mon. & Wed. at 6:30PM

Maximum 8 Participants

Price: $185/6 weeks and 12 classes ($79 for Members)


Enjoy improved posture, muscle tone and functional strength in Pilates Fusion. Put Pilates principles into practice with Flexbands, stability balls, light weights and intermediate level exercise combinations.


This is a Low Intensity fitness workout to improve overall well-being and fitness level in order to enhance the performance of life’s everyday activities.

All fitness levels are welcome. Especially new exercisers, and those individuals with limitations due to physical disuse, illness, or injury (as long as you have received doctors approval to exercise).

Using a variety of tools such light resistance bands, weights, chairs, breathing techniques, stretches and movements this class can help improve:

- Cardiovascular health

- Endurance

- Strength

- Flexibility

- Range of Motion

- Balance and Coordination

Fee: $179/ 8weeks (16 Classes) & $39 for Members


Nordic Pole Walking

5 week Outdoor Porgram

April 25-May 26 Tuesday and Friday for $50+hst ($5/class)

Choose only 1 day/week for $30+hst ($6/class)

Nordic Pole Walking is a low-impact exercise that provides high benefits for health, wellness and fitness for people of all ages and fitness levels. Anyone can become a Nordic Pole Walker and instantly experience the scientifically proven benefits of poling!

Benefits of Nordic Walking:

·         Burns 30-46% more calories than regular walking!

·         Using poles with straps is a more stable and more effective workout.

·         Fully endorsed by The Mayo Clinic.

·         Uses 95% of muscles for a full body workout.

·         Reduced impact on knee & hip joints.

·         Improves muscle tone, core muscles, posture, balance, stability, and more

Our Nordic Pole Walking Classes are lead by our Internationally Certified Nordic Walking Coach and Certified Personal Trainer MICHELLE LINDSAY. She has taught pole walking for 4 years and is a passionate fitness advocate who believes health begins with moving your body and engaging your muscles. Michelle loves teaching people how to Nordic pole walk because it is a great exercise for engaging both the upper and lower body, using close to 100% of the body's muscles.


*Poles are available for purchase.

Teen Boot Camp for Girls

This class is meant for all fitness levels and will provide options for beginners as well as more advanced options for those who are more athletic. We are providing a class to help increase fitness levels, self-esteem and over-all health for young girls. This class is female only to ensure a fun and comfortable workout atmosphere for them to work hard, sweat and make friends!

Only $69 for 7 Classes!

Sunday at 1PM

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