Here are the most common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the services at Revolution Fitness. If you have any further questions please email us at [email protected] or call us at 902-444-7738.

What classes are good for beginners?

Our Intro to Rev session is great for those who want a crash course in cycling and exercise technique! Find out more

Our shorter and less intense classes are: 40 min Rev Cycling, Cycle & Core, Yoga, and Body Design +, Women Only Boot Camp. These class description can be found here.

Fit2Function and Body Design for Women are enrolments that are very suitable for new exercisers. Learn more here.

As a beginner you can take ANY of the classes at RevFit. We always recommend adjusting your speed, taking breaks, and drinking lots of water. We are used to having beginners in all of our classes. Everyone has to start somewhere, and everyone else was once a beginner too.

You can also review `Will I be able to keep up?’

Will I be able to keep up?

Yes! Every class is different, but one of the great things about RevFit’s classes is that each class is adaptable to your fitness level. We always have beginners and active people exercising together in each class. We have new clients starting at RevFit ALL the time. You won’t be the only new person in your class.

Here are some tips:

Cycling Class Specifics -. Remember to adjust the resistance and speed on your bike to suit the intensity you are looking for. Beginners often can’t perform the standing position on the bike for as long as the advanced cyclists. This will improve once you find your own rhythm on the bike and when you start to build your leg strength. Take as many breaks as you need!

Boot Camp Specifics - Our boot camp instructors will offer modifications to exercises for varying intensities and you can take breaks whenever you need to.

We do have programs that have been designed for specific needs including new exercisers, postnatal, and seniors. These are at a lower intensity and can be found here:

I've never taken a class before. What should I expect when I arrive?

When you show up you can come to the front desk where you will fill out a waiver. Next, you can head to the change room to get ready for your class. We have lots of hooks for coats and lots of cubbies for your gear. We have some small toiletries such as deodorant and mouthwash that you may use.

You can fill up your water bottle using our filtered water system in both change rooms, or you can purchase water for only $1. You can wait on the couches in the reception til your class is ready to start!

When it is time for your class, let your instructor know who you are and that you are new. They will get you all set up and feeling very comfortable to start class, including getting you fit on your bike if you are here for a cycling class.

Every class is different, but one of the great things about Revolution’s classes is that each class is adaptable to your fitness level. We have beginners and active people exercising together in each class. We have new clients starting at RevFit ALL the time. You won’t be the only new person in your class.

You can find class descriptions here:

How do I sign up for a 7 Day FREE Trial?

1. Go to our website. If you have never created an account hit Sign up or Login.

2. Go to ``Create an Account`` to create a password.

3. Go to our Online Store tab and purchase a 7 Day Trial (This rings up at $0)

4. Go to our classes page and you can sign up for classes for the next seven days FREE!

Come 10 minutes prior to your first class to meet your instructor, get fit on a bike for cycling, and fill out a waiver.

Are there shower facilities?

Yes! We have showers in both our male and female change rooms as well as shampoo and body wash. We do have a towel service but feel free to bring your own as numbers are limited.

What do I need to know about cycling before I take a class?


Come 10 minutes early for class and we will fit you on the bikes and teach you how to set up the bike for next time. We will explain the display and resistance before class. We will discuss proper form and prompt proper riding form throughout class.

What do I need to bring with me?

Bring your water bottles because hydrating is important. We have filtered water in the change rooms. Also you can bring a sweat towel or borrow one of ours…be prepared to sweat! Our bikes, the Lifecycle GX, have two water bottle holders for a reason. Don’t forget the essentials like socks, indoor shoes, and your workout clothes.

What do you offer for Older Adults?

Our Forever Young Fitness and Fit2Function are both great for older adults. The exercises and goals for both programs are similar however the Forever Young Fitness is a slightly lower intensity and pace. Find out more here!

How can cycling shoes help me?

Cycling shoes are made with a very stiff sole and can have an optional cleat mounted to the bottom of the shoe. Our pedals are compatible with SPD clips. This cleat snaps into the pedal and enables more powerful pedal strokes by facilitating a more efficient push/pull action. These are a great investment if you are attending classes regularly and tend to last for up to 4 years if you are only using them during indoor cycling classes. If you do not have cycling shoes, just come with your sneakers. You DO NOT need cycling shoes to participate but stiff soled sneakers are recommended to avoid foot injury.

How can wearing a Heart Rate Monitor benefit me in class?

A Heart Rate monitor can help you:

  • Stay motivated as you watch the calories burn.·
  • Improve your performance and fitness by keeping you at the correct intensity for the correct amount of time.·
  • monitor your training intensity.

Please ask one of our personal trainers about heart rate based training for more information!

Will I have a sore bum after a cycling class?

If this is your first time on a bike, yes, you will have a sore bum. However, time and possibly some seat adjustments can fix this uncomfortable problem. If your bum is sore after your first ride on a bicycle, you may feel like giving up on cycling altogether. After a few classes, you will barely notice it.

The best thing you can do is get back on the saddle! We suggest wearing padded bike shorts and padded liners for a more comfortable class. We have many sizes and styles for sale at RevFit.

I’ve never attended, how do I sign-up?

ONLINE: You will need to login and create an account (you find the instructions for this under “Getting Started?”) Once you have an account, find the class you want to attend and simply click “sign up now” next to that class. If you have not previously purchased a membership or punch pass you will be prompted to purchase classes before allowing you to sign up. Please understand our cancellation policy prior to reserving. You are welcome to “walk-in” without a reservation, but keep in mind that all spots go to those with reservations first.

CALL: You can also register for you class on the phone. We can accept payment over the phone or when you arrive for class: 902-444-7738

EMAIL: [email protected] with your full name, phone number, contact email and the class you wish to attend.

How do I register for an enrollment (committed program)?

ONLINE: You will need to login and create an account (you find the instructions for this under “Getting Started?”) Once you have an account you can register two ways.

1. Go to our Online store. Click “Series and memberships”, then go to “Enrollments and Workshops”, find the program you want to sign up for and it will prompt you to register with your purchase by clicking “Yes” next to the Session you are registering for (Be sure to double check you are registering for the correct time and dates if their are more than one option) If you click “No” you can follow the directions in option 2 to register at a later time. Next you will be taken to the checkout.

2. Go to enrollments and scroll down to find the program you want to register for and simply click “sign up now”, then click “enroll”. You will be taken to the checkout to make this purchase.

*Note: If you are a member and the program is a FREE for members program you may register online at no charge. If it is a reduced rate program you must call or register in person to receive the discount rate.

CALL: You can also register for you class on the phone. We can accept payment over the phone or when you arrive for class: 902-444-7738

EMAIL: [email protected] with your full name, phone number, contact email and the class you wish to attend.

How far in advance can I register?

Our clients with class passes and memberships can reserve classes 30 days in advance. You can reserve all the classes that you intend to join.

Please note that you can cancel a registration within 30 minutes before class with no penalty but this is meant to be for unforeseen circumstances. Please do not sign up for multiple classes with the intention of cancelling some later on as this reduces the spaces available to others.

Do I need to cancel a session if I can’t attend? How do I do this?

Yes! A 2 hour cancellation is required to avoid a fee or one punch on your punch pass.

You also need to cancel from the waitlist if you no longer intend to come to class. Please be considerate of your fellow RevFit members who may wish to attend class in your place. Everyone will be entitled to one free late cancellation, or no-show. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can happen and will make exceptions to this policy if contacted within 24 hours of your missed class.

You can cancel using the mindbody system. You can cancel from the app or from the website.

1. Login

2. Go to the “classes” tab

3. Click “registered” next to the class you are trying to cancel, and then hit cancel.

4. If you are cancelling a waitlist position, once you are logged in, go to “my info”, then “my schedule”, click “waitlist” (top right) and hit cancel.

If you continuously late cancel:

- on passes, a pass will be used.
- on a membership, the membership will be shortened by one day.
- on a free 7 day trial, your trial will be deactivated.

How does the wait-list work?

When a class is full, you are prompted to be added to the waitlist. We highly encourage the use of our waitlists as 95% of the time you will make it into class. You can be put into class from the waitlist up to 2 hours before class time.

When someone early cancels from the class, you will receive an email saying you have been moved from the waitlist and are now reserved in class. Sometimes these end up in your junk mail so we recommend checking mindbody up to thirty minutes prior to class to ensure you have not missed the email notification (using the app makes this very easy to check!). You will be sad if you miss your workout and others will be unhappy to see an empty bike in a ‘full class’.

If you no longer wish to be on the waitlist, please cancel yourself off so the next person on the list can take your spot. Learn how to do this under ‘Do I need to cancel a session I can’t attend? How do I do this’ above.

A full review of our reservation policy can be found here:

I have a knee problem. Can I do indoor cycling?

For your safety, consult a doctor before you begin any exercise program. Knee injuries span over a wide variety of types and severities so there is not a generalized answer. However, increasing the mobility and strength of your knee joint after an injury is an important part of any rehabilitation program. Cycling is a low impact exercise and by paying attention to form, getting a proper bike fit, and being careful not to over train not only can you cycle but in it is encouraged by doctors. If your knee begins to hurt while you are riding speak to your physician about your symptoms.

What is a boot camp?

The words ‘boot camp’ can be intimidating but basically it is a full body workout. Each class is different but it can include cardio, strength training, stretching and core work using body weight and equipment including free weights, TRX, medicine balls, BOSU balls, and more! These classes are attended by all fitness levels. Our instructors will provide options for exercises to both increase and decrease intensity and if you require modifications due to injury or other physical limitation they will provide those as well.

What is included in my membership?

All the cycling and group fitness classes can be found on the schedule page: here

All the class descriptions can be found here are included in a membership. These include cycling, boot camps, yoga, boxing and more.

RevFit also has enrollments. These are different then drop-in classes as they require commitment. Members can enroll in committed programs for FREE or at a reduced rate. These programs and rates are listed here.

Personal training is NOT included in memberships, which is standard at any fitness facility.

What can I use passes for?

Similar to a membership, passes can be used to register for all the drop-in classes on the schedule here. These include cycling, boot camps, yoga, boxing, and more.

Passes can’t be used to drop-in on an enrollment as these are committed programs. These are found here. However, if you are interested in using your passes to drop-in on an enrollment please contact us. We can make exceptions if there are spaces available in the program.

Can I exercise when I’m pregnant?

YES! You should consult with your health care provider but most women benefit greatly from exercising throughout their pregnancies.

Check out this video where RevFit was feature on prenatal fitness: link

Strong muscles and a fit heart can greatly ease labor and delivery. You’ll gain less weight during your pregnancy and more likely have a baby with a healthy body weight. Also, exercise will provide you with stress release and anxiety you may be feeling. There are certain exercises that will not be comfortable as your pregnancy progresses but our instructors can offer modifications for these exercises.

Is there an app that I can use to sign up for classes?


It is called ‘mindbody connect’ and makes signing up and cancelling classes MUCH easier!

How do I activate my Groupon?

Step 1: If you have never been to RevFit start by making an account here.

Step 2 (Option 1): Next send a screen shot of your groupon and your name to [email protected] and we will put your one month membership or 10 class pass into your account.

You must pay a one-time only $4.35 (one month) or $2.85 (5 pass) on the groupon. Your groupon allows you to register for ALL of our drop in classes. (FAQ: What can I use passes for?) Browse our other FAQ to find the answers to many common questions

Can I cancel my membership?

A) Annual Membership Auto -Payments: If you are making payments on an annual membership you are able to cancel your membership. You will be charged a fee of 25% of the amount owing on your membership and your membership will be deactivated at the time your next payment would have been due. *We will make exceptions if you are moving.

2) If you have paid up front for a membership, punch pass or other program we will offer an account credit for the remainder of the purchase less a 25% fee. This credit can be used toward another service including passes, personal training, or enrollments. For example, if you purchase a program that is $100, 10 classes, and only attend 1 class, we will provide you an account credit for the “amount” not used ( $90) less a 25% fee of the original purchase amount ($100 * 25% = 25) Your account credit is $65.00.

3) No Contract Auto Payment Membership - When you are on a non-committed membership auto-payment plan, you can cancel FREE - no extra cancellation fees! You are required to give 30 days notice
of your cancellation. Scheduled payments within 30 days of your cancellation
notice will still be processed.


[email protected]

or call
902-444-7738 for all refunds and cancellations.

What’s so different about indoor cycling from other group exercise classes?

Top-notch instructors, invigorating music and visualization come together to make our classes both fun and effective. There are no complicated moves to learn. Simply hop on your bike, set the resistance to the level that’s right for you, and let your instructor guide you through a fantastic ride.

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