Mindbody, Class Reservations & Waitlists - A quick reminder of the guidelines!

Posted by Jackie Kellestine on November 16 2015

RevFit is thriving as we continue to offer our community the best group fitness in Dartmouth. We have 160 classes a month and more than enough classes to accommodate all of our members!

1. There’s an App for that! - We do recommend using the free app “mindbody connect” which is available for all apple and android phones and tablets. This syncs into our scheduling system and it makes it very simple to reserve and cancel your spot.

2. Oh, you made dinner plans? Cancel your spot on the waitlist! - If you no longer want your spot on the waitlist please REMOVE yourself (eg. you are on the waitlist for Friday 6PM but then the cute UPS man/woman invites you for dinner) If you decide more than 2 hours before class that you no longer want this reservation, please cancel it to allow someone else on the waitlist the chance to get here!

3. Waitlists! - If a class is full, USE the waitlist. You can get an email up to 2 hours before class if you get into class OR you can also check on mindbody (if the status says "unconfirmed," you have still been put into the class.) If you no longer want this spot, please cancel it. Your chances of getting into the class you are waitlisted for is VERY HIGH.

4. The Busy Classes! – Do not fret if you are on the waitlists. We have many other classes, and many other times to workout.  USE THE WAITLIST. Your chances of getting in are HIGH, but if you do not get in it allows us to judge the class times that are busiest for future class additions.

5. Late Cancel - If you do not show up for you reserved spot, you will be considered a late cancel and deducted a punch pass or 1 day off your membership. If you are on a free 7 day trial, your trial will be deactivated. We understand that matters come up and you may have to late cancel your class, but this should not be more than a very few times! 

Thank you!

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