Corporate Fitness and Lunch&Learns

Most companies want to add fitness, nutrition & wellness but don’t know where to start. Contact us today for a FREE consultation and find out how RevFit can support you.

“It was impactful to make that connection between fitness and wellness in its entirety – very cool to consider. Everyone left feeling motivated and energized. Awesome job!”

Alison Cogdon, Ronald McDonald House


60 Min Fitness & Wellness Information Session

The blanketing message of this seminar is that “regular fitness will improve the eight dimensions of your health and wellness – creating more balance and happiness”

Make RevFit’s Corporate Fitness & Wellness Seminar a part of your organization’s wellness program. This session can take place at your place of work, as a Lunch & Learn OR it can take place at RevFit as the participants get to sit & pedal on our LifeCycle GX stationary bikes while the session takes place.

Your team will leave with a proven 4-week fitness plan based on Canada’s recommend guidelines of 2.5 hours of exercise a week. The design can be tailored to meet any goals that are common in your workplace but more importantly it is suitable for a group of varied fitness levels.

Other items include:

  • Obstacles to regular exercise and how to overcome them
  • Support & Environment when making healthy changes
  • Intensity of exercise and what to do
  • Current fitness trends

Group Fitness or Nutrition Counselling at your company

An empty boardroom can easily become a temporary fitness and wellness retreat centre! Whether before or after work, or during your lunch-break. In as little as 30 minutes, RevFit can host full body workouts, group nutrition counselling and more.

Group Fitness at RevFit

We offer your employees a reduced rate membership at RevFit to attend ALL of our group fitness classes OR we canorganize special classes at the gym for only your employees. Many organizations decide to cover a portion of the annual membership for their employees.


Prices are dependent on # of sessions, # of participants and other factors including travel if required. Typical prices are below. Contact us at [email protected] to get a free personalized quote today.

60 Min Fitness & Wellness Session


Group Fitness or Nutrition Counselling at your Company

Prices are dependent on # of sessions you sign up for. Typically, classes end up being $110/60 min class and $70/30 min class.

RevFit Gym Membership

Annual Membership is $90/month. Some organizations have offered to pay a portion or all of the membership cost. We offer further discount based on # of employees signing up.

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