Leah Dauphinee, Dartmouth, Feb. 2019

I started at Revfit May 2017 and was instantly hooked. The classes give you everything you need cardio, strengthening and stretching. Jackie and Lisa have created a community of people who want to stay fit and have fun. There is no judgment, you work at your own pace and ability and there is always encouragement to do better! I would recommend Revfit to everyone!!

Marion Fraser, Dartmouth, Jan. 2019

I initially joined Revolution Fitness a year ago to improve my strength and endurance in road biking, it has done this and so much more.The Instructors are all well trained and enthusiastic and they all bring something unique to their classes.The variety of routines and music in these classes is what keeps me coming back.
Revolution asks for and listens to its members suggestions and I think this is one of their keys to success.

Joy Boyce, Dartmouth

I have always kept active but I’m really surprised on how much stronger I am and that I am lifting weights I never dreamed of. I’m turning 40 this year and feel so much better about the shape I’m in at this stage of my life! That’s kudos to all the instructors but mostly to Maggie and Shaunna!

Holly Matheson, Barre, Dec. 2017

It is so easy to underestimate this class. In and of itself, there are no particularly challenging moves, but the workout is no joke. Great overall, full body workout. Come Tuesday morning, you know you’ve been to Barre on Monday night! Jen is a great instructor!!

Neta Barnes, Long Ride, Aug. 2017

We have been members at Revolution fitness since it opened. Training at revolution fitness has impacted our health, fitness and lifestyle dramatically. The diversity of the classes and exercises provided there caters to all fitness levels and the support of the amazing staff there is a constant motivation to reach all of your Health and fitness goals.

We have been running and taking part in different organized runs around our
province for many years. After a few weeks of attending the Sunday long ride program we noticed a huge improvement in our cardiovascular fitness. The benefits of attending the long ride has definitely been a Huge Factor in
improving our running technique and times. We both feel that the long ride
along with the other classes that we attend at revfit has helped us gain
successful results in our health and fitness goals.

Thank you Revfit !!

Marguerite B MacLean, June 2017

You’ll recall my e-mail three months ago. I had a goal. Just want to let you know that I have reached that goal. I can now fit into my size 10 pants and shorts without holding my breath, and… I have lost 10 pounds. So I’m very pleased. I did work hard though (average 5 spin classes/week, 5 yoga classes/wk, and 2 PT sessions/wk in May and June). In case you were wondering, I didn’t diet per se, but reduced my portion sizes at supper time (which I will continue to do, they were way too big, but my husband is such a good cook…), drank a lot more water (I’ll continue that too), but didn’t drink wine (I’ll resume that, and looking forward to it, too bad I’m out of the wine raffle…), and of course laid off the sweet stuff, though I didn’t eat much of that stuff to begin with (though i’ll be treating myself to a couple of nice desserts soon). So thank you to Nikki, Lisa, you and your team for helping me reach my goal.

Anonymous, Feb. 2017

About two years ago, I woke up one morning and looked around and everything seems so out of control. My brother’s chronic illness was reoccurring and causing stresses on my ageing parents, I had started the process of divorcing my spouse of 10 years, I realized I was a single parent, my small business was floundering and then my best friend (of almost 40 years) was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Life seemed like a dark hole that was engulfing me at every turn. How do you even begin to have a strong, positive outlook on the day? How do I raise a child alone? How do I exist without my best friend or my only sibling? How will I make money to survive? You see where this is going….. the path to depression and dangerous thoughts.

I’ll get past this dark introduction and cut to the point of this testimonial. I went to Revolution Fitness. I did not go to ‘lose weight’. I did not go to ‘count calories’. I did not go to ‘get a bikini body’. I had always been fit and ate really well. I went to Rev Fit to fuel my mental health. I went ‘lose the weight I felt in my head’. I would ‘count the hours’ until I went back to a spin class. I went to get my ‘mind in shape’. And it worked.

No matter what is going on in the day, the week, or my financial health, I’ve treated myself to going to spin and bootcamp classes as much as I can. Over the last year and a half, I feel my body getting stronger, my clothes fit better, I can run longer and faster, but most importantly to me, I get up in the morning and I feel like I can continue. Now I realize that my daughter, my family, and my friends are a massive component of this. But without a doubt, the strong female instructors of Revolution Fitness and having this amazing, positive, reliable place to go workout, has changed my adult life.”

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Natalie Campbell-Bouvette, June 2016

Lisa is super friendly and the website is very easy to navigate to sign up for classes! I can reserve all of my classes for the month in advance. This makes me stick to my workout schedule.

Anonymous, June 2016

Maggie is a great spin instructor. I love how she counts everything out for you and always tells you what is coming next. She is a great addition to the RevFit team!

Sarah MacDonald, June 2016

Not only did you help me get back into shape post baby - I feel stronger than I ever have and my running times have actually improved. Thank you!

Pat Maynard, February 2016

I really love RevFit, enjoy each class and appreciate that you watch and give correction on an individual basis when needed. In my opinion that personal touch is a key element to a good club and I wish more clubs made that effect.

Forever Young Fitness, November 2015

Look what people are saying about this program!!!

I Like the… ``small class size``, ``friendly people``, ``pace of the class``, ``patience of the instructor``, ``fact I can get out of bed without groaning``, ``increase in my balance``.

Kate Starr, Stroller Fitness, November 2015

Amazing class, it’s a highlight of our week! My son has grown from the smallest in the group to one of the biggest and I may be in better shape than pre-pregnancy! I’ll be VERY sad to not continue in January… Silly jobs!

Jauna Garland, September 2015

I very much enjoyed the classes that I attended - all classes were very welcoming and each instructor/trainer makes everyone feel welcome personally. Each class definitely pushed me and were well rounded workouts. I would certainly recommend this studio to anyone looking for a fitness studio to attend.

Kathleen Rankin, August 2015

Revolution Fitness is a great place for all fitness levels from beginners to seasoned athletes- anyone who is looking for new ways to train and get active.The gym offers a variety of classes from indoor cycling to boot camps and specialty classes, which means you’ll never get bored. The instructors take the time to create unique and challenging work outs for each class. You’ll often find yourself working several muscle groups at once, which really maximizes the calories you burn in a short amount of time. The best part is that each class gives you the opportunity to work out at a pace that works for you, so there’s no need to feel intimidated if you are just starting out. The instructors are friendly and welcoming, taking the time to fit you properly on your bike and also demonstrate all exercises to ensure you are getting the best work out possible.

Heather Nause, Stroller Fitness, July 2015

I would like to take the time to thank you for all your hard work in putting these sessions together. Your motivation and extremely well crafted fitness routines have shaped me into what I am post baby. I feel amazing as a result!!

I truly appreciate everything you do for us girls. You are brilliant at your job!

Danny Brownrigg, June 2015

I went to my first outdoor boot camp this morning and it was amazing!

It is everything I have been looking for to train for my next Spartan race
in November.

Jen is a great instructor and I look forward to the upcoming weeks at
Beazley field. It was a great idea having this outside!

Sherry Mcbride, April 2015

Initially I was reluctant to try a spin class as i felt that I would “stick out like a sore thumb”. Not so! I love that Revolution Fitness caters to all fitness levels -from the beginner to advanced. I have always felt comfortable and included in the classes. I work hard in each class (they are great motivators) and I work to my max abilities and leave each class feeling that i gave it my best!

J. Ross, March 2015

When I started with Rev Fit, it only took me 3 weeks to notice a difference in the speed which I was able to get up a certain hill on Waverly Road. I gained almost 2KM per hour in Speed!

Anonymous, Oct.2014

I can’t say enough positive things about Revfit. Since I joined in April, I have lost 15 pounds and my fitness level has improved dramatically. The class format at Revfit provides positive feedback, tips on form when necessary, exercise modifications to add or reduce challenge level, and most importantly to me, the camaraderie of the group as a form of motivation when cycling or working in the boot camp room. The strength and cycle classes provide an awesome combination of cardio, strength and balance. After two false starts with fitness clubs in the past, I can say that I actually look forward to hitting the gym four mornings a week. I feel lucky to be in the neighbourhood. Thanks Ladies.

Michele Banfield, Oct. 2014

A few months after my son was born, I was looking for some motivation to get myself out of the house and I signed up for the Mom & Baby Bootcamp at REV. It was a fantastic work out AND a lot of fun. I found myself looking forward to getting my butt kicked by Jackie every week!

Darlene Battcock, Oct. 2014

When my husband and I first walked into Revfit in March 2014 I explained to the owner that I would most likely quit because I have never been able to continue any exercise routine and had abandoned every gym endeavor. It is now September, and I can honestly say that Rev-fit has changed my outlook on exercise for good. Jackie and Lisa are truly unique individuals. They have taken on the challenge of creating a fitness center that is as unique as they are. They make it a point of knowing your name and offer a lot of encouragement. They are professional and honest young women who are making a big difference in the community, and in people’s lives. John and I have become closer, appreciating our new bodies and our new capabilities. John has lost 20lbs since joining and continues to reshape his body. My focus is not so much on losing weight, but to stay strong with lots of mobility as I move into my 50’s and beyond. Whatever your fitness goals are, Jackie and Lisa can help.

Mike Holmes, Sept. 2014

I walked past Revolution fitness in the winter and stopped to read the sign on their window. Jackie came out and asked if I had any questions and if I wanted a tour of the facility. We had a quick chat about fitness and I went on my way. A month later I decided to try a spin class and have been hooked with spinning ever since. I started with the beginner’s class burning an average of 350 calories a class and now I do the Rev 1 burning an average of 700 calories a class. I began this fitness journey because I recently retired from Lobster fishing and I was too young to be feeling as old as I was. I have lost 20 pounds and I feel much better. Lisa and Jackie are exceptional in what they do and they certainly know how to make you feel welcome. They are concerned for your well-being and make sure that you are fitted properly on the bike before the class begins. You don’t realize how hard you are working because you are having so much fun. Revolution Fitness is definitely the place to be if you want to achieve your fitness goals. For a spinning good time, come on down.

Susan Goupil, Aug. 2014

Perhaps you have a “wish list” of qualities you covet from a gym….a friendly, welcoming environment? A variety of classes that both motivate and inspire you to get moving? A great schedule that would suit anyone’s busy day? My fellow Dartmouthians need look no further than Revolution Fitness!

Spin. Bootcamp. TRX. Personal Training….Jackie and Lisa offer all of this, and more! They are enthusiastic, friendly, and ready to help you set and achieve personalized fitness goals, and I defy you not to have fun whilst accomplishing them! A top notch facility, with the latest equipment and an ever evolving schedule that is tailored to fit their client’s needs, Revolution Fitness has it all. If you are looking for a gym to begin a new commitment to a healthier lifestyle, or you are already a gym devotee who is looking to mix things up in a positive and motivating environment, you simply must give Revolution a try!

Anne Marie Heffernan Parks, July 2014

I am truly inspired by the personal touch this gym has to offer! The ladies are always there to encourage, support and offer advise. I especially enjoy the committed boot camp on Monday and Wednesday evening with Samantha and plan to continue this journey with them! Thank you for all you do ladies!

Allan Rodger, June 2014

Lisa, Jackie and the gang are a blast. They have the unique gift of making spinning fun. Who would have thought? As a result, this season’s opening outdoor ride was the best performance I have had in years. The classes make a huge difference in my fitness. If you are looking for your smile, chances are you will find it at RevFit!

Tanya Mailhot, April 2014

Fitness and I have never been friends. I have always struggled with my weight and never liked to exercise. I always got bored so quickly with a regular gym and never found it a challenge until I discovered Revolution Fitness. I received their flyer in the mail in December and started working out there when they opened and have never felt better. The spin classes are so energizing, motivating, and fun but believe me they are tough! I always take it one song at a time. Then I joined the 10 week boot camp and I never imagined I could keep up but I can. Lisa and Jackie really care about your goals and your health. Because of Revolution fitness I now enjoy exercising and I am on my way to meeting my fitness goals for 2014!

Francois Legare, March 2014

I heard of Revolution Fitness through a friend. It was a perfect timing since I was looking for a place for my winter cycling workouts. I’m a triathlete and I needed something energetic and hard! I found a great place! After my first Rev 1 class I was sold! I have tried all the different spin classes so far and there is something for every level of fitness. The coaches will make sure you are fit correctly on the bike and you will have a blast with the awesome playlists and smiles. I tried my first drop-in boot camp last week and it was really fun and challenging. The studio is bright, neat, and friendly and it is clear that Revolution offers much more than the large fitness chains!

Irene Wolsey, Feb. 2014

I signed up a few weeks ago and was pleased right from the moment I walked into the studio. I was greeted by Jackie and Lisa, who made me feel comfortable right away and not intimidated at all that I have entered a new gym I was not familiar with. They showed me around and I was excited to start my first class as the bikes looked amazing and the studio was big and very open. Jackie was my instructor and the class exceeded my expectations. She clearly explained everything and guided us through the ride with ease and with a great workout to boot. I am taking advantage of the many classes that they have to offer and every instructor is highly motivating and friendly as well.

Alison Comeau, Jan. 2014

I love going to Revfit!

Every time I know I’m going to be welcomed by name and pushed to my limit on the bike. Revfit has the perfect balance of feeling like you’re working out as a team, as well as getting one on one attention and motivation from a trainer. Thanks Jackie and Lisa for the ultimate cycling gym

Sarah Duggan, Jan. 2014

I joined the Mom and Baby Boot camp at Revolution Fitness with the hopes of getting motivated to get back in shape, but I didn’t necessarily expect an intense exercise experience from a “mommy and me” class. I was wrong! I have felt so great leaving my classes, and am really impressed by the workout I’m getting, and the results I’m already seeing! Jackie is great at incorporating the babies (even holding them when they get fussy) and really pushes and motivates us! It’s obvious how hard they work to keep their clients happy, and I am very pleased that I made the decision to join.

Gill Chafe, Jan. 2014

There are numerous positive factors I could highlight about our new Dartmouth Gym.

One of the biggest advantages of the fantastic spin class is the variety of scheduled times that are offered daily - anyone can find a class time to fit, even with the busiest of days!

The friendly, positive staff personally greet you upon every visit and make you feel like you’re amongst friends.

The bikes are awesome! They allow you to visually monitor your workout - you are able to make your workout as challenging as you want that day.

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